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A Heart breaking day for the devoted spirits

November 17,2021

After a lovely year and a half with the devoted spirits mc as well as been DSMCS road captain and now Our lovely Vice president, Kayda Locke, Announced her final day with the devoted spirits mc. 

"Hi Guys,  I know most of you were aware but some of you were not. Your world is wide and spread and I decided to explore it. With the greatest pain in my heart, I am leaving the MC world. I love you all not just as individuals but as a family... Yes.. you too Lyria. Time with you all has been the best welcome I could have had in this realm but I want to see more wonders in your world, explore and see if I can find myself in here. Somewhere. Don't be strangers, I am not changing my address, nor my telephone/ mobile number. I will try to visit from time to time, if anything happens call me and I will just zip myself in to help regardless. Take care of one another and I will miss you greatly. P.S. I will still kick your asses if any of you fuck up,  With the greatest pleasure I would like to announce that I have chosen Mallory to be my replacement as the VP, I wanted to be there to hand you over the CUT but.. adventure calls." -From Kayda Locke,  Former vice president of the devoted spirits mc

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