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Adiera "Adi" McCallum

Full Name: Adiera McCallum
Aliases: Adi, The Seductress,Glitch
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Cyborg
Birthdate: 12,27,1994
Title: Founder and President
Place of origin: Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Divorced
Children: four adopted children Kita,Gig, Mallory,Lyall
weapons: Her blade as well as jets.
Criminal record:
break and entering
Contempt of court
Drug trafficking
Assault with a deadly weapon
Petty theft
Vehicles:2001 Suzuki Marauder VZ800, 2019 range rover Evoque, as well her jetd that are built into her body

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Adiera "Adi" McCallum was born December 27, 1994, in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, at the Five Hills Health Region. Her hair was jet black and beautiful ice blue eyes. Of course, she kept to herself; for the most part, she didn't have her father in her life since her mother told her that her father died in a car accident, making her the laughing stock in particular groups at school. It wasn't until Adiera was in high school when her mother told her about her father, who lived in Scotland. Adi being quite upset that her mother lied to her, packed her bags, and left for Scotland.

Once Adi made it to the airport, she made her way to the international travel desk, explaining her situation that she needed to get to Edinburgh, Scotland, as it was a family emergency and she didn't have much money, so she was able to swing a one-way ticket to Scotland. Once she arrived there she knew mom said that her father would be found in one of the major castles within scotland.

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