Alan Dobbins

Full Name: Alan Dobbins
Aliases: Al
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Tabaxi
Birthdate: 06,10,1992
Title: Enforcer
Place of origin: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Sexual orientation: straight
Relationship status: single
weapons: sharp claws as well as teeth Criminal record:
Assault with a deadly weapon
X42 Break and entering
grand theft auto
Careless use of a firearm
Reckless driving
Vehicles: 1968 Land Rover, BMW Aurora concept motorcycle



Alan Dobbins fourth life began after a late-night building fire, from which he could not escape.  The fact that he set the fire in the first place, just for personal amusement, is simply irrelevant.
He awoke in an alleyway, his body renewed, and his determination to have more malicious fun, reinvigorated.
For the next few years, he made sure to make a new batch of allies and assets, since his old contacts, literally burned. (a longer story than this needed about the building fire)
He became quite good at liberating objects from people and places and became well known as someone reliable enough to get even the toughest of things.
He traveled instead of setting roots anywhere specific, and his jobs took him around the world.  He was once asked to retrieve a specific Gem from the English Royals collection for one of his clients.  Investigators were never able to discover how a counterfeited piece ended up in the vaults of the Tower of London.
After a few close calls while working ,and a double crossing comrade, Alan turned to a less obvious form of acquiring wealth and depriving others of theirs.  He only stole from the really bad ones.  The "immorals", he calls them.  Child porn profiters..  Sex worker abusers.
He did it silently, skillfully and used his contacts in the deepest parts of the dark web to get things done.  Their accounts drained, credit ruined, businesses disrupted and shut down.
Through a quirk of fate, he was spotted one day while casing out a motorcycle theft at an MC.  He was stricken by her beauty and powerful manner.  The best part in his mind was that she was a kindred cat-folk.  She intrigued him, and surprisingly, she ended up being the president of the Devoted Spirits.  Through the conversation, she seemed interested that his talents would be beneficial to the club and in the tone that he has become accustomed to now, she strongly advised him, with a hint of threat, that he should become a prospect.
That day, he went out of town, and appropriated a café racer style Ducati.
Later, when one of the members overstepped his bounds, and left the MC with an officers void, Alan stepped up and with his limited experience in the inner workings of an actual MC, offered to be the enforcer.  He knew this club could use his version of 'enforcement' and computer skills.