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Kayda Locke

Full Name: Kayda Locke
Aliases: Kay or K
Age:122 according to human years (fae years 22) 
Gender: female
Species: Dark Fae
Birthdate: N/A
Title: Vice President
Place of origin: Faerie Shadowlands
Sexual orientation: Straight (based on human views)
Relationship status: Single
weapons: Dark Bow, throwing knives, dagger, and a sword
Criminal record: N/A
Vehicles: Aprilia RSV4 RFp



Born into a family of Royal Warriors, not much of a backstory. Her childhood was filled with combat training and defenses. Day in and day out. As the only daughter, she did not have many privileges, her parents always wanted a Male child, so her father had days where he would be cruel to her and her mother always acted as if nothing ever happened. Due to being born into her role, Kayda was not allowed to marry, she was forced into devoting her life and join the army once her training was fulfilled. One day she met a Demon Witch called Aria which she decided to help and hide from whomever. Two became friends and as they made a deal Aria said Kayda one day will be free from the Fae realm but the time is not now. So she waited and continued with her long days.. months.. years.. Till a portal opened up and she heard Arias call, without hesitation she jumped through it and found herself on Earth. Using glamour she disguised herself as a human to not look too much out of place and followed the call of the witch which she found in the last minutes of Arias life. The Demon Witch sent Kayda on a mission to find Adi and serve the cause. Which she did and made it her new destiny.