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Devoted spirits Camping weekend

April 18, 2021

This Campsite is a very clean and well-kept area, where you have the choice of many different tents. We stayed for 3 days in the tents with a lake view for well over 20 people and we had a lovely time.
The Crew running the camping weekend were super friendly and service-oriented, the place is very clean and well kept. the lake area is great, especially for little kids, the tents were well equipped for their own set-ups. There is a barbecue pit on-site, well designed for kids and tourists.
Every evening they do some concerts there - for those who like it. The first night in the barbecue pit was ok though. portions are big.
The check-in and checkout were fast and very easy, free parking on site, even though the parking was in the sun and a little walk from the campsite.
All in all, a very nice place to spend your vacation, especially with kids, I would have expected a cleaning after the weekend was over, but they cleaned up the site after every night.
Nicely equipped shop on-site with Devoted spirits attire. The kids loved the beach towels and tubes.
I highly recommend this place and look forward to being back again for the next camping event with the Devoted spirits MC

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