The Answers You Need

How do I become a Devoted Spirit?

We are a one-chance-only club. Where we will give whoever wish to join our club one chance to do so. If they don't make the cut. you can not return. Prospecting with us is rather simple, we require that you are active within the Club as well as the discord server we run, the prospecting period lasts 4 weeks so we get to experience your roleplaying skills and if you need assistance in your roleplaying skills we have well-trained role players that are willing to assist.

How Do I gain an Alliance with The Devoted Spirits?

we have a few things to mention in regards to possible alliances. For example, if a member of our club falls for one of your members we wish for them to have a 2 week period before they can formally say they are in a relationship. Also whatever issue they may come across within their relationship, it stays out of both clubs. We will not tolerate any drama here.  Now we have events from time to time that you and your members will be welcomed to. We as many other clubs will have a discussion about this proposal before we decide on anything. Which yes, will go around the table. After both clubs decide on an outcome, we will either exchange banners or go our separate ways. And if we do become allies, we Always have one hell of a fucking party when new alliances happen.

How Do I Sponsor The Devoted Spirits?

best way to sponsor the devoted spirits is to contact us and see about speaking to one of the founders.