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Gigi Wedman

Road Captain

Full Name: Gigi Wedman
Aliases: Brat.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Reaper
Birthdate: December 5th,2001.
Title: Road Captain
Place of origin: Central America
Sexual orientation: Pansexual- Demisexual 
Relationship status: Single
weapons: Cross bow, Scythe 
Criminal record:
drug possession
money laundering
tampering with evidence
Vehicles: Kawasaki 2021 ninja 



Kita and GiGi were born in 2001 to Petra and Erebus.
Erebus leaves when the girls turn one, leaving the girls alone with their mother.
Kita and Gigi train with their mother learning combat to enhance their reaper abilities and sarcasm along the way. 
Soon, more people joined the MC and all was fine but later they found out that the newcomers were not to be trusted.
One day, after training Kita and Gigi went to the clubhouse for a quick refreshment, as they drink they see it was burning from the inside out and they
were trapped. 
Gigi quickly grabbed Kita and threw her on her motorcycle and told her to go get help because her mother was also stuck inside. 
Gigi went to find her mother who was in her office to  tell her of the fire and to run.
Petra barely escaping saw as the whole burning clubhouse fell down and Gigi had still not come out. 
Gigi slowly recovered because a good witch helped her burned body return to normal and no scars but just the constant feeling of being burned
 alive stuck with her. 
A few years later and Gigi finds Kita and they reunite and she tells her that her mother is well and their new members she should meet and then joins