Grimm Shadowbane

Sgt. At Arms

Full Name:  Grimm LaVey ShadowBane
Aliases:  Grimm of the Black Void or just Black Void
Age: Two eons
Gender:  Male
Species: Abyssal
Birthdate: unknown
Title: Lord of the Abyss
Place of origin: The Abyss
Sexual orientation: Stright
Relationship status: Engaged to Adiera McCallum
Children: step-father to Kita and Val, Two on the way
weapons:  Laser swords made from Dark matter, a soul blade that can shift to a smaller version for more speed.  Two custom-made 10mm Beretta that fires special Void steel rounds (Big holes made bigger.)
Criminal record: Depends on who you ask, but some say war crimes
Vehicles:  2012 Harley-Davidson® FLSTC - Heritage Softail® Classic, 1973 Dodge Challenger



All will be revealed at a later date