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Heaven Pool

Full Name: Heaven Moon Pool

Aliases: Draven , ThienPool, Tigris, Tiara (female identify)

Species: Half-Dragon, Half Faerie. Embraces being a Void Dragon. Gender: Male

Age: Aeons, but this reincarnation is currently 35, but apparent look to be 21 Birthplace: A mountain East of Eden
Birthdate: Unknown

Title: Chaplin
Size: Being a Void Dragon, his true form is Unfathomable, but in Human Forms , he prefer

Height : 6'2

Weight : 210 , lean Muscular

Blood : (Dragon and Fairy Blood, so Magical. if he had to give a human blood type) : Type O-

Sexual Orientation : Gay; emotionally Pan

Relationship Status : In A Relationship
Weapon Proficiency : Daggers,

Crossbows, Long Swords , Quarterstaff, Fist, Explosives, Faerie Dust Power : Shadow Manipulation, Teleportation, Empathy, Shapeshifting , Fire

Vehicle : '02 Crimson Electra Glide named Unicorn
Criminal Record : has managed to be clean
Occupation: Teacher, Catholic Minister Proficiency: Arcana, Animal Handling, Religion, Insight, Disguise Kit.

Heaven Pool: TeamMember


His father was the Dragon King who shaped the seas and his mother the Faerie that grew the mountains, making him a Dragon Fae in his own right.  He has one hundred siblings, and he was one of the 50 that followed his mother into the mountain originally.  He also carries a soul shard of the Dragon of Chaos, Draven, who placed   its soul in him when he died during the Battle of the Demigods, reincarnating him, and making him the Soul Twin to   the Silver Dragon of Knowledge, Draco. He would wither and enter a long rest but would always reincarnate.  Also, thanks to Draven, he has Multiple Personality Disorder, and almost all his forms have a personality of their own through Draven’s chaos manipulation. Therefore, he relates with and identify with Deadpool, even choosing and naming his bike based on Deadpool’s characteristics.  Thien has been everything from an Assassin to a Medic in his lives.   In this Reincarnation, He is mostly a   Scholar, under the Jesuit of the Catholic Church, allowing him to dabble in the arcana and knowledge of all world religion.   He also has a special kinship with animals, and   skill   in disguise, particularly in Drag.  Having Considered and Deterred from becoming a Jesuit Priest in this life, Thien now   lives to   learn all he can, and grow as a human, and have fun dealing shenanigans along the way.   Throughout his lives, Thien has always tried to find a family, a clan, that he can call his own, because his own siblings have grown distanced, even hostile toward each other.  Two years ago, Draven’s soul awakened inside, and he found Draco, his soul twin, and joined his clan, The Fallen.  In the past year, his boyfriend has brought him to, and he has been accepted into the Devoted Spirits MC where he happily serves.

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