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Kita Wisteria

Full Name: Kita Wisteria
Aliases: Syla and Kitten
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Reaper
Birthdate: December 5, 2001
Title: Treasurer
Place of origin: Central America
Sexual orientation: Omnisexual
Relationship status: Single
Weapons: Handgun, and an opal scythe
Criminal record:
- Assault
- Tampering of Evidence
- Shoplifting
- Drug Possession
- Vandalism
- Theft
Vehicles: Kawasaki KZ6R Black + Pink

Kita Wisteria: TeamMember


Kita was born in 2001 to Petra O’Meara, along with her twin sister Geneva, their father’s name was Erebus but he took off when they were one. Kita was raised as a reaper alongside her sister, by their mother. Fast forward a couple of years and the Born Disciples MC was founded, though after about 9 months things went..downhill fast.
A group of people joined the MC and little did the O’meara’s know, their plan was to kill Petra and destroy the whole MC. The plan succeeded, as far as Kita knew her mother had been murdered and her sister burned alive along with the rest of the MC. Luckily Kita managed to survive the fire..and she made her way to where she had a couple of friends, The Dead Rabbits MC, who took her in.
Once she was settled with them she changed her name from Syla O’Meara to Kita Wisteria, to keep herself safe, and after her cousin who had been murdered. That was until she heard word that her mother had survived and was in Halifax, so she resigned from her position of Chaplain in the Dead Rabbits, and spent the next couple of weeks trying to track her down.

Kita Wisteria: Text
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