Mike Marvello


Full Name: Michael Marvello (Marvello the Magnificent)
Aliases: Magic Mike, Mike Marvel
Age: Undisclosed - Appears to be mid late 30s
Gender: Male
Species: Half Elf / Human
Birth date: Unknown
Place of origin: Alternate timeline / dimension earth
Sexual orientation: Hetro
Relationship status: Single
weapons: 9MM Glock, Some magic spells that can be enhanced using spell song
Criminal record: None on earth prime.
Vehicles: None currently. (Has yet to learn how to drive a modern car)



Once a simple musician and illusionist in his home realm, a magical accident transported him to Late 20th century earth, trapping him here. Landing in southern California in the year 1998, he was fortunate as his appearance and facial features went almost completely unnoticed as just about everyone else around him looked even weirder then he did by comparison. His training in the magic arts allowed him to create an illusion of a human face that he is able to maintain for extended periods while out in public, none the less he knew he would have to learn how to blend in with this world quickly. This need was exasperated by terrorists events that occurred starting in the early 21st century and as a result of growing paranoia in the U.S, Mike elected to flee the country to Canada before anyone could start looking to closely at his past. Much of his time over the last 20 years has been spent learning to adapt to this strange new world. His prowess in magic was instrumental in learning the native language well enough to blend in and he spent most of the last 20 years practically living in public library's during the day and performing on the streets with a guitar and a hat to feed himself. As luck would have it, he eventually came across a motorcycle club in Nova Scotia who's members had little desire to share there secrets with the general public and so far has found kinship and safety among them