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Petra "Pet" O'Meara

Full Name: Petra O'Meara
Aliases: Pet, The Reaper
Gender: Female
Species: Elder Reaper
Birthdate: 06/19/1990
Title: Medic
Place of origin: Beverley Hills, California
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Relationship status: single
weapons: Scythe, dual berettas
Criminal record:
1st Degree Murder
2nd Degree Murder
Contempt of court
assault with a deadly weapon
Vehicles: rat rodded motorcycle 

Petra "Pet" O'Meara: TeamMember


Petra "pet" O'Meara was born June 19, 1990, in Avalon, California, at the Catalina Island Medical Center. Her hair was platinum blonde, and she had beautiful violet eyes. Of course, knowing was different from the others, and kept to herself for the most part. It wasn't until Pet was a teenager and began seeing creatures, and these creatures would try to run from her; of course, it wasn't until she cornered her father when he told her everything about her race. Hearing the news of what she was made life rather difficult for her during high school, mind you. One person who helped her through that tough time was Erebus, her close friend in high school who was also a reaper like her. As they got older and went to college, they had a fling; of course, one night, they weren't safe and ended up having twin girls Syla and Geneva. When the girls were not even a year old, they went their separate ways, Erebus left and went to Europe to work with the reaper family named the Venturia family, and Pet stayed in the united states and raised the girls and trained them in the reaper ways. Twelve years later, Erebus came back to California and ran into petra by the old train station; of course, when she realized that it was him, her initial reaction was to kill Erebus. However, Erebus had a whole other thought when he saw her. Pet started walking away from the train station and off into the woods near the station, the dummy he was. Decided to follow her into the woods. Once they were deep enough in the woods, Pet turned tackled him and ended up brawling in the forest next thing that happened is Erebus and Pet kissed in the heat of the moment, and it ended up getting exceptionally sexual.
A few years roll by. Erebus worked in the MC as the Treasurer and were seeing each other Pet when they weren't in the clubhouse as they kept everything under wraps about them. Of course, the girls knew and seen what Erebus and Pet had, and after a few years of the girls asking Erebus when he was going to marry Pet. Sure enough, it happened, and that didn't last long as just before their wedding, the Varrant cornered Erebus and slain him, leaving petra as a single mother again with her twin girls.
 After having that traumatizing event, five people Cash, Vivian, Demitri, Aziel, and Vladimir, joined the born disciple's mc Pet had a bad feeling about the group. After nine months of them being a part of the mc, Vladamir and Petra had fallen for each other, and he proposed to her, she accepted the proposal. Of it didn't last long as she caught wind of the conniving, backstabbing, turncoat pieces of shit were plotting to do, which was killing petra and burning the mc to the ground. She took a new reaper and gave her a glamour potion, and the turncoats fell for it, in turn killing the new reaper and leaving her free and clear. While she was walking away she heard cash talking about how had planted C4 within the mc, hearing the conversation she took action and ran to the mc to warn everyone to get out before it went in flames. When she turned the corner she realized she was too late.
 Seeing her mc burned to the ground with what seemed like all of her crew, including her daughters, changed her last name to her mother's maiden name. Taking the parts of her bike, her daughter's bike, and any other bikes that she could salvage from the wreck and took off, keeping hidden from the sight of Cash, Vivian, and her ex-fiance Vladamir as those were the people that wanted petra dead. Knowing what Adel had planned as she told Pet what her plans were, Pet made her way to Halifax, where she met with some of the crew who made it in one piece and saw Her daughter she thought she lost in the old mc fire. with that snapped into her head it caused her to have major PTSD and hallucinations of seeing her old crew and her other daughter.

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