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Tanis Hart

Full Name  :  Tanis Deln Hart
Species:   Highborn Fairy
Gender : Male 
Age :  740
Birthplace: High Court of the Fae, New York City, New York, USA
Birthdate : 1781
Relationship Status :   In A Relationship
Weapon  Proficiency :   He has learned to use many weapons throughout his 2 centuries. He knows how to use swords (short and long), multiple versions of the bow, Browning Hi-Powered gun when he needed more heavy fire power witha gun, but his prefrence was having two Sig Sauer P320 XCompact. It had the rail to allow him to connect a laser sighter and the ability to replace the grip if he ever needed to. That and its smaller size fits in his hand better than any other gun he had found.
Power  :   Runic Magic,  Teleportation,  Invisibility 
Vehicle  :  Arlen Ness Custom duel Engine original



Tanis was born in 1781 to the high court of the fairies of the night in New York City. He was raised to take the place of his Mother as the ruler of the Night Fairies but has decided to travel the world instead of attending to his High Court duties. His mother was in her 10th century and shows no sign of slowing down or aging at this point. His travels have taken him around the world several times. 

About 50 years ago he landed in Halifax and has been hanging around trying to stay out of trouble. He does the occasional odd job here and there when he runs low on funds, it was on one of these that he found his mate that he is devoted to, he is hoping that one day they will tie the knot. But that's not why you're here. 

About a year ago he heard of a new motorcycle club, something called the Devoted Spirits. He heard they were made of "supernatural" creatures, and so he sought out the club and petitioned for membership. After completing some mundane tasks, he was accepted to them. He had acquired an Arlen Ness custom duel engine bike that he had named Midnight's Dream. he refuses to tell anyone how he actually acquired it, he would rather them imagine what he did to get it.