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The Devoted Spirits 1 Year Anniversary

September 27,2021

I want to start with thanking the following:
Kayda Locke 
Alan Dobbins 
Heaven (Thien) 
Faye"birdie" Wright 
Lyall McCallum 
Kita Wisteria 
Mallory McCallum
Lyria "Groot" Xonax 

These people have been a Devoted Spirit from the start of this MC to only a few weeks ago. these people that are in this list have been the true heart and soul of this mc that has kept us as strong as we are today. With that being said these members will be getting a commemorative 1 year patch added onto their custom cuts made by yours truly. 

This is our 1st full year of being publicly open on imvu. YES, A FULL YEAR  I am proud as fuck to say we have made it a full year. Starting with only three members, we are at sixteen now, Having 15 extraordinary alliances. Within the year we have been open, we have also managed to get over 5,000 visitors and 5-star rating. I am so proud of every single one of you. from the amount of effort from being in the room,donating items to make the MC truly stand out from the other MCS, and making this place feel like one massive ass family, and Truly making this place feel like home.

 Thank you all for for a fantastic year and I personally cannot wait to see what more is in store for us as the devoted spirits mc.

much love, 

Adiera "Adi" McCallum

The founder and President of the devoted spirits mc.

"Devoted in every way imagined."

The Devoted Spirits 1 Year Anniversary: News
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