Thien  Pool

Full Name  :  Tigris Thien Moon  Pool 
Aliases  :   Heaven,   Tiara (female identify)
Species:   Changeling Fae / Dragonkin
Gender : Male 
Age :  This  reincarnation is currently 35,   but  apparent look to be 21 
Birthplace :  A mountain  East of Eden
Birthdate : Unknown
Sexual Orientation :   Gay;  emotionally Pan 
Relationship Status :   In A Relationship
Weapon  Proficiency :   Daggers,  Crossbows,  Long Swords ,  Quarterstaff,   Fist,    Explosives,   Faerie  Dust
Power  :   Shadow Manipulation,  Teleportation,  Empathy,  Shapeshifting ,  Fire 
Vehicle  :  '02   Crimson  Electra Glide   named  Unicorn
Criminal Record :  has managed to be clean
Occupation :  Teacher,    Catholic Minister 
Proficiency :   Arcana,   Animal Handling,  Religion, Insight,    Disguise Kit. 



 He carries a soul shard of the  Dragon of Chaos,  Draven,  making him his reincarnation and Soul Twin to a Silver Dragon of Knowledge,   He has been everything from an Assassin to a  Medic in his life.   In this Reincarnation,  He is mostly a   Scholar, under the Jesuit of the Catholic Church,  allowing him to dabble in the arcana and knowledge of all world religions.   He also has a special kinship with animals,  and skill in disguise,   particularly in Drag.  Having Considered,  and Deterred from becoming a  Jesuit Priest in this life,   Thien now lives to learn all he can,  and grow as a human,   and find a family he can devote himself to.   And have fun dealing with shenanigans along the way.