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Zee Knight

Full name: Zee Knight
Aliases: None
Age: 26 (human years)
Gender: Non binary
Species: Half light/dark elf
Birthdate: October 31st 1995
Place of origin: United Kingdom
Title: Tail-Gunner
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Weapons: Hand gun
Criminal record: None
Vehicles: Mustang, franken-cycle motorcycle(currently being repaired)



Grew up in London in the United Kingdom with their light elf /dark elf father and mother, was given their necklace by their mothers side of the family once they became a teenager, lived in the main city until moving out on their own to a small apartment outside the city. Enjoys driving her mustang or walking in the nearby park, especially at night as they enjoy the peace and quiet or even the sound of heavy rain. In their free time they enjoy listening to music or gaming, sometimes will sit out on their balcony with a hot cup of tea and watch the occasional shooting star when not practicing new or their current abilities but does not use this incase a neighbour or passer by spots them. Keeps in contact with their parents and occasionally meets their father to spar when they are feeling frustrated, or to even vent if something is troubling them. Zee is very honest but can come across as shy when meeting new people but over time will warm up to them and will become a treasured/trusted friend.